(Gouache Talens, Linel, Sennelier - brush - drawing pen - airbrush L. Fischer - JLP France)

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  • Why gouache?

    This choice for the following reasons:

    You have pigments whose binder and gum arabic and water diluent, a brush and a line puller; very simple.

    I love the smooth and matt appearance. A spray will be applied to the original in several layers increasing the mechanical properties of the surface and a UV treatment for the preservation of colors in time.


    Drying Speed is important, which is not negligible because the technique is long. I use a hair dryer to speed the drying process.


    After application of the medium on paper, you get a completely matte surface. You can leave your colors on the dry side for a long time, then come back and moisten them again, wait a bit and continue working right or you left.

    I use extra fine gouaches Talens and Linel brand for theirs qualities and their outfits in the light but there are others


    You pay "cache" each of your mistakes. It is difficult to envisage a damp cloth on the affected area to clear tasks and other problems since the medium is reversible. La transition entre deux teintes est brutale. You have to get each of them and work to get some flexibility.


  • History gouache

    Gouache (the Italian Guazzo, washing).
    Preparation made with colorants soaked with water mixed gum, paste made by adding honey or manna tears.

    The Gouache differs from watercolor in that the first we put the shadows to finish by clearer, then one operates a reverse manner in watercolor. While it gives dishes, gouache to return several times on the same tone and give it the strength and relief


    It should be understood under the name gouache paintings in tempera where the same dyes for paintings and small decorative works mixed with egg white or glue gloves for theatrical scenery, photogenic funds , large industrial works, dissolve the common skin glue, and colors are incorporated are applied hot.

    We can not concern ourselves here that the actual gouache found any commercially prepared and which allows to perform extremely valuable work. We will examine the watercolor gouache paint for the fans, screens, blinds, etc; gouache on paper, parchment, leather and wood.

    Alors que dans l'aquarelle, elle se réserve les lumières et le travail encore conduit mince et transparente commence à être clair à foncé à la gouache sur place pour compléter sombre par les teintes vives que par collage 'est superposé. Puis le blanc, proscrit pour l'aquarelle est la base de la gouache; il entre dans la composition de toutes les teintes. Pour cette raison, les tons de gouaches doivent être très forte parce que les employés, le séchage, ils se fanent beaucoup.

    (Source: van-gogh.fr)


  • Toxicity, precautions...

    Some pigments (heavy metal oxides) used or have been used in the gouaches are very toxic (neurotoxic, carcinogenic or reproductive toxicant out, as is the case for example, lead, cadmium, chromium or malachite green ). These pigments are not degradable or biodegradable. They pollute water or air or ashes if a gouache medium is burned.


    It is therefore appropriate not to wet the brush on the tongue, do not use the gouaches on the skin, never to be used as food coloring and keep them away from young children (unless it is gouaches Special laying statement indicating that it is non-toxic pigments, child) As pallet or support preparation of a mixture, it is recommended to use non-absorbent substrates (plastic, metal, steel) rather that paper. Similarly, leaving decant the pigment in water (cleaning brushes), it is possible to eliminate the deposition recycling center rather than in the sewer system where the toxic metals contribute to pollute the sewage sludge can be spread on the fields.


    (Source Wikipédia)


    The extra fine gouaches of Talens brand do not contain heavy metals.


  • Airbrush Louis Fischer and JLP France

    The case of the airbrush Louis Fischer with whom I work.

    The airbrush was partly machined by "Preci Jura" as the provider.

    Thereafter it will manufacture its own airbrush under the "JLP France".


    The JLP in hand.

    The front body lateral bucket and the same for left and right handed. it suffices to perform a pivot from the preliminary body for one of two positions, it is rather clever, simple and effective.

    It also has a P.T.F.E joint family P.T.F.E. (Teflon ™ - Delrin ™) offers to date the best resistance to solvents and acids

    Explode a JLP-France airbrush

    Nozzle 0.2 and hat.

    The cabinet