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The Pandolauto is a motorcycle with four wheels on a base Honda CBR

. Dental technician and dentist

. Inventor of the coupé cabriolet

. Stylist and aerodynamics of Darl'Mat Peugeot

. consulting engineer and aerodynamics group Rolls Royce / Bentley.

Freedom fighter - Network Agent "Alibi", code name: Phill 703

Betrayed, he will be arrested and shot with four of his companions at the fort of Mont Valerien in March 1942.

He confided to Father Stock, German chaplain who accompanied him to the firing squad, he would die

in the anniversary week when his mother was killed by the imperial army.

In the pocket of his jacket was a curled paper on which he had written:

not avenge, I love you (source, www.georgespaulin-lesite)

Father Stock

M. Flaminio Bertoni

The designer of Citroën for thirty years. He designed the Traction, the DS, the Ami6 the truck N "Belphégore"

Source : L'amicale Flaminio Bertoni

This extraordinary man and multitalented was born January 10, 1903, in Varese, Italy. Born into a modest family, his father was a tailor and his mother made households. Good student, he grew up without stories from his primary examinations successfully.


On the death of his father, who then Flaminio fifteen, apprenticed to Macchi body. It starts at the carpentry shop and that of tin and learning the sheet metal working.

Soon, he was noticed by its designer donations, occupying his leisure to draw. He enrolled at the School of Fine Arts from Varese to perfect the artistic drawing and sculpture under the guidance of his master Giuseppe Talamoni.


He began sculpting the first model car, futuristic, who will never see the day.

His great skill points out in autumn 1922 by a French delegation of technicians visiting the Macchi factory where he works. Bertoni is offered a study trip to France in Paris. Imagine the joy of this young Italian who enthusiastically accepts and knows that he must not let this opportunity pass.

Arriving in Paris in early 1923, he was hired to turn Felbert bodies and Manessius, and finally for a year at Rothschild where he met Lucien Rosengart great friend of André Citroën.


Flaminio became a knowledgeable and accomplished body builder, knowing all calculate and provide the technical requirements. His ailing mother and homesickness do leave the country in Varese, and he rejoined the Macchi body but this time with the qualification of first-degree artist.

In Paris, where he honed his technical knowledge, Bertoni also discovered the Italian artists at the Louvre, especially the works of Raphael and deLéonard Vinci.


Back in Italy, he travels the country in pursuit of all art forms, it absorbs everything: painting, sculpture, and even opened an art studio, where he received models and many varésiens artists.

In 1929, he resigned from Macchi, because it does not feel considered at fair value. He then formed his own design studio where he created all kinds of body models.


More free time, Bertoni participated in many art exhibitions.

But he continues to dream of France and is in the company of those who would become the mother of his first child he returns again in Paris October 2, 1931.

Through a friend, Flaminio found on the job. He entered the Sical (Société Industrielle body Levallois Perret) that manufactures subcontracted bodies for Citroën.

Noticed by an engineer from the office of Citroën studies, he quickly hired June 27, 1932 at the Quai de Javel.

It probably will not then he will stay all his life and mark his brilliant footprint models of the brand


And even success for the DS called "the bomb" at the 1955 Auto Show A bold and futuristic line never imagined at the time, following a "morphism" between a fish and a car. Two years later, Citroën receives the prize of honor at the Art Triennale and aesthetics of Milan. A consecration for Bertoni


(Source http://expo-bertoni.com/fr/biographie/)

M. Thierry Auffret

Reference site of the famous French car manufacturer Gabriel Voisin.

M. Raphaël Assoun

A designer fascinated by the famous French brand "Voisin"


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