Private collection "Aston Martin DB5"- Year of production 1963-1965 (1021 copies).


The DB5 has marked his time by combining an elegant dress signed by Touring Superleggera and a powerful mechanical, a 6-cylinder in-line 4 liters.

Don Hayter sketch the general line of the car that is reviewed by Federico Formenti responsible for shaping the DB4 in Touring Superleggera.

Available in coupe and convertible, the DB5 displays the stylistic features of past and current Aston Martin, namely chrome arrow on the flanks, but the grille "T returned." This last feature is also the most visible characteristic of the brand. His line is not new, since it follows that of the DB4 Vantage.
The globes faired headlights, already on the DB4 Vantage and GT, say the curved shapes of the automobile. The DB5 being somewhat cramped, David Brown decided to build a personal break to carry his hunting equipment and his dogs.


Against all expectations, attracting customers find the break so that to meet demand, Aston Martin entrust to the body "Harold Radford" the realization of a very limited series of DB5 break. Apart from David Brown exemplary twelve hunting breaks will be built from 1965 to 1967.


Source: Wikipédia

Feuillle Steinbach (28,74 X 21,65 inch - internal frame de 20,078 X 18,307 inch)

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